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Felicita Parallel



Product Details

Accuracy and speed
The Felicita Parallel allows you to measure from 0.1 to 2000g, within a gram, in a very short time. Its built-in automatic timer triggers as soon as a weight goes on the scale. It also has a tare and automatic start functions.

Its heat resistant mat will also provide stability. The base can hold a porta filter for optimum accuracy.

Quality materials
The Parallel has been designed with durable materials. It is heat and water resistant.
This scale comes with a non-slip rubber mat for your cups, porta filters, Slow Coffee jugs... Two non-slip bands under the scale are there to provide better stability.

The Felicita Parallel scale is Lithium-ion USB rechargeable

Bluetooth connection
This scale can be connected via bluetooth to the Felicita Coffee app so you can keep track of the curves, reset your scale and save your various measurements.