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Uganda - Kayombe



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- Blackberry, strawberry, plum -


Ahamanda Kaboole lives just up the road about 1 km from Bukusu Washing Station in Bubusatsa Village, Bukusu sub-county.  At 71 years of age, Ahamanda is the father of 13 children – 9 girls and 4 boys, from 3 wives.  Ahamanda lives on a 3-acre farm of about 800 coffee trees, but his trees are getting very old and his annual yield continues to decrease.  Like many farmers in the area, Ahamanda routinely harvested and processed his cherries at home, then sold wet parchment to a dry mill.  Now with Bukusu Washing Station just down the road, Ahamanda can sell his cherry above market price, so he can continue to pay for his children to go to school and begin planting new young trees on the plantation.


FARM: Bubusatsa
ALTITUDE: 1200-1600 masl

LOCATION: Manafwa District




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