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Decaf Espresso - Colombia Viot á Palmare



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- Mandarin, hazelnuts, chocolate -


Located in the region of Cundinamarca, part ofColombia’s Central Cordillera,Viotáis a community that heavily relies on coffee production as its majoroutput. So much so, the town holdthe annual ‘Festival de la Cultura Cafetera’,celebrating their proud history in coffee production. The town, around 80km to the West of Bogota, is in one of Colombia’s first coffee growing regions. In 1879, when the Colombian government announced that it would support coffee production, coffee plants were imported from Liberia, Africa. When the first boats arrived, entrepreneurial farmers from Bogotá decided to plant their trees nearby, in the townof Viotá. Since thencoffee has hugely influenced both local traditions and societyas a whole.



ALTITUDE: 1400-1800 MASL

LOCATION: Cundinamarca
PREPARATION: Washed, Decaffeinated 

VARIETY: Caturra &Castillo

OWNERS: Multiple

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