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Peru - El Cautivo



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-  Pear, stone fruit, honey -


This lot from the town of EL Cautivo is particularly special, as both farms are owned and managed by women.  Maria lives in the town of El Mirador; around 5km from her farm in El Cautivo. Maria works hard to provide for her family, waking up earlier to cook breakfast, before setting off for a day of picking cherry. Once she has collected all the ripe cherry for the day, Maria will load up her fresh cherry into sacks; transporting it back to her house via donkey. Here her husband, Ines Carrasco, helps her to de-pulp the cherry. For Angelita, the commute is not so easy.  Angelita lives in the village of Barro Negro.

Due to the thick forest in the region, to reach her farm, Angelita must travel down to La Coipa; before heading back up to El Cautivo.  Due to the distance, Angelita and her husband travel together to the farm to pick and prepare the coffee cherry. Often due to the distance, Angelita and her husband will eat dinner at the farm, before travelling home.


FARM: El Mexico

ALTITUDE: 1,850–1,900 masl

PRODUCER: Maria Gloria Neyra Santos&AngelitaRafaela Ramirez Lizana


VARIETY: Typica, RedCaturra & Pache


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