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Who We Are

Tom Osbourne



Tom Founded the company back in 2015 and leads the way for green sourcing and roast production. Spending many years dwindling away in a old converted pig shed, he learnt more about the craft of roasting coffee though trial and error.

Your Favourite Coffee:

Washed Colombians produced by my friends in Narino - V60

James Soggee



James Joined in 2019 to manage our logistical system. If you've had a bag of coffee, chances are James sent it lovingly packed it!

Your Favourite Coffee:

A big meaty latte!

Hannah Whitton

Roaster and QC


Hannah brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the team, with years of experience as both a barista and roaster .

Your Favourite Coffee:

Washed Kenyan - V60

Bridget Pettifer

Wholesale Manager


Bridget brings a wealth of relationship knowledge to the team. She is the eyes and ears of the business, making sure all of our customers are happy, stocked up and supported.

Your Favourite Coffee:

Ethiopia Bale Mountain - Bialetti

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