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Brazil - Fazenda Pantano



Product Details

- Rounded orange acidity, hazelnuts, caramel and a milk chocolate finish -


The return of a stunner! This is the first coffee we have bought 2 years in a row and think it will continue for years to come. As the new Brazil harvest starts to arrive on our cold windy shores we still found this Pulped Natural from Pantano to be streets ahead of any other that where sampled. Its sweet, its full bodied and has a very refreshing acidity.



So. The origin; Fazenda Pântano is located in the Cerrado close to the city of Patos de Minas at an altitude of 1,150 meters and covers a total area of 550 hectares. More than 300 hectares of the land are allocated for permanent natural forest reserves, which is six times more than the legal requirement under Brazilian law. The farm has over 200 varietals, most of which are in experimental production, and is working closely with the Brazilian Coffee Research Institute to experiment with processing and flavour.


Ideal for Filter, Cafetiere and Aeropress.


FARM: Fazenda Pântano

ALTITUDE: 1150masl

LOCATION: The Cerrado, Minas Gerais

PREPARATION: Pulped Natural

VARIETY: Yellow Bourbon

OWNERS: The Ferrero Family

CERTIFICATION: Rainforest Alliance


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- We roast our coffee on a Wednesday and Saturday

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