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Brazil - Tres Barras



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- Fig, Liquorice, ginger bread -



Manasses is a member of APROD, a coop which consists of a group of smallholder farmers who live around the cute city of Divinolandia. This group stands out in the region for being one of the few smallholder organisations producing great-tasting coffees that are the result of strict quality control and traceability standards, the entire region is very influenced by coffee as most of the population has Italian origins.

Italians were most responsible for the growth of coffee culture in Brazil. The coop also has 85% of their members certified Fairtrade, which helped them increase their focus in the use of agroforestery management for all members. It combines agricultural and forestry technologies to create more diverse, productive, profitable, healthy, and sustainable land-use system.


FARM: Tres Barras

ALTITUDE: 1300masl

PRODUCER: Manasses Sampaio


VARIETY: Red Catucaí


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