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Burundi - Kayanza, Karehe



Product Details

- Green apple acidity, apricots, honey and cream aftertaste - clean and juicy throughout -


Coffee in Burundi is a logistical challenge from start to finish, even for the best of importers. It is a particularly poor country, with one of the lowest GDP in Africa, and recent years have brought renewed political struggles and unrest that hark back to very troubled times in the late 1990s and early 2000s.  However, as the Karehe Washing Station focuses on cherry ripeness and sorting in order to provide only the highest-quality green coffee post-processing. Producers are paid immediately upon delivery of the cherry at a standard market price, and a second payment is done when the harvest is complete; if the coffee is bought with quality premiums for cup score, the producers get a bonus in the second payment.


We found this coffee to have tons of cup character and complexity. Its lighter up front flavours give this cup some serous character, while leaving you with a smooth, honey like aftertaste.


 Ideal for Filter, Cafetiere, Aeropress and Espresso. 

FARM: Karehe Washing Station

ALTITUDE: 1580 masl



VARIETY: Bourbon


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- We roast our coffee on a Monday and Wednesday.

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