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Colombia - El Doble



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- Orange, cherries, caramel-


While in colombia this year, we had a chance to try some amazing anarobicly fermented samples, one that stood out with this lot from El Doble. Bright and zestey but well balanced was a huge contributor as to why we chose this coffee!

So what is anaerobic fermentation? Well basically speaking it means oxygen free but depending on the processing method this can be done a few ways. When fermenting a naturally processed coffee, you are effectively leaving the coffee to sit after picking for anything up to 72 hours before drying. Washed/ honey processed coffees are de-pulped and left in wet fermentation tanks - both however are left out in the open with oxygen present, a huge variable that can cause inconsistencies in there results. So by placing the coffee's into large air tight containers we can monitor its fermentation environment more closely. In doing so, we are also subjecting the coffee to pressure due to build up of fermented gasses (released using a pressure valve) and slowing down the energy release process usually gained with the aid of oxygen (or aerobic fermentation) as well as encouraging different chemical reactions.

Only mature beans are harvested then is pulped on the same day then it is left to ferment in tanks for approximately 72 hours, then it is washed with two rinses and from there it is taken to sun exposure in the yard, which takes about 4 to 6 weeks.


FARM: Las Dalicas

ALTITUDE: 1980masl

PRODUCER: José Oliverio pinta Montero

PREPARATION: 72 hour Anaerobic then Washed 

VARIETY: Caturra, Colombia


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