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Colombia - Santa Barbara



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- Strawberry, cherry, raisin -


Santa Barbara Estate is composed of 5 sister farms that lie across three neighbouring, geographical regions -Santa Barbara, Fredonia and Amagá. Established in the 1980s, from the beginning Sr. Pedro Echavarria knew that location was crucial. Attracted by diverse microclimates, singular volcanic soils, perfect altitudeand a tradition of excellence in coffeeproduction, he established a small farm in the high Andes of AntioquiaFinca San Pascual.By marrying these perfect natural conditions with hard work and efficiency, he quickly grew both the area under cultivation and the farm’s reputation.

In the last five years, Pedro’s son also Pedro has become more deeply involved in the workings of the Estate’s farms, taking the already high quality of the coffee to new heights through experimentation in processing and increased monitoring and control of every stage of production. Pedro Jr. and Santa Barbara’s Coffee Director, Leonardo Henao Triana, approach the processing of their coffees with blend of art, industrial rigor and scientific curiosity.Today, in additionto providing a prime location for experimental new plantings of Castillo, Colombia, Bourbon, Typica and Tabi, San Pascual functions as the research labwhere all their new processing methods are trialed


FARM: Santa Bárbara Estate

ALTITUDE: 1850 masl

PRODUCER: Echavarria Family


VARIETY: Variedad, Colombia


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