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Decaf Espresso - Gakenke, Rwanda



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- Lemonade, brown sugar, mandarin -


Bumbogo Washing Station is a brand new station built by Neza Trading Company, the partner company of Muraho Trading. Bumbogo is located in an area known for high-quality coffee production in Rwanda. It is a highly competitive region in Rwanda and has been home to some of the winning lots of the Cup of Excellence.

Bumbogo employs 105 casual employees through the season; this staff is responsible for hand sorting cherry, processing, and turning the parchment when drying. foreign objects. Cherry is then floated in pre-pulping removing any floaters and later pulped. Next, coffee fermented in dedicated concrete fermentation tanks an average of 12 hours.


PRODUCER : Neza Trading Company

ALTITUDE: 1650 - 2000masl

LOCATION: Muhondo, Gasiza

PREPARATION: Washed, Decaffeinated 

VARIETY: Red Bourbon

OWNERS: Multiple

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- We roast our Decaffeinated coffee on a Monday

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