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Ethiopia - Biloya, Yirgacheffe



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- Blueberry, grape, chocolate -


Coffees brought to the Biloya washing station are grown at 1,850 meters above sea level. There are several tiers of drying tables on the slope below the washing station and Biloya’s workers turn and sort the cherries by hand as the coffees dry on raised beds. The mesh material allows for airflow both above and below the coffee to prevent the formation of any mildew or mold. It takes between 18 and 21 days for cherries to dry. Naturally processed coffees are milled to remove the dried cherry pulp and parchment at once, then stored in a warehouse 50cm from the wall and 15cm from the floor before transport to the final processing warehouse in Addis Ababa where it is colour sorted and packed for shipment.


FARM: Small Scale Growers

ALTITUDE: 1850 masl

LOCATION: Yirgacheffe


VARIETY: Heirloom


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