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Guatemala - La Bella



Product Details

- Red apple, cherry, strawberry jam.  Cane sugar sweetness and a syrupy body -


La Bella is an 80-hectare farm in the Sierra de las Minas area of the El Progreso department in Guatemala. The farm is owned and managed by Teodoro Engelhardt Ortega, a fourth generation coffee farmer. The farm is surrounded by tropical forest, creating a microclimate that gives the coffees a very unique cup profile. Teodoro has been focusing in on the quality in recent years, planting different varieties such as Villa Sarchi and Pacamara, refining the fermentation process and building solar drying tents to dry the coffee more evenly.


FARM: La Bella

ALTITUDE: 1600 masl

LOCATION: Sierra De Las Minas, El Progreso


VARIETY: Villa Sarchi

OWNERS: Teodoro Engelhardt Ortega

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