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HEAVY HAMMER - Single Origin Espresso



Product Details

- Apple acidity followed by cherries, plumbs sweetness and a caramel body -


This lot (#2) comes from Claudia Portillo, one of a handful of female producers from Buesaco, Narino. Her 3 hectare farm, Buesaquito, is located 2050 masl and produces a very small amount of coffee per year. Due to the high altitude and the farmers methodical approach to picking, the coffee produced is clean, sweet and has an beautiful apple/ raspberry acidity.


ALTITUDE: 2050masl



VARIETY: Caturra, Catuai

OWNERS: Claudia Portillo

You will be seeing a sticker on each bag of Claudia's coffee marked "infrastructure". This is our seal to show that the coffee inside has been part of CHC's project to understand the coffee we buy. Sourced and purchased directly by us. More info can be located HERE.


Special mentions go Steve, Matt, Miguel, Freda, Jessie and Sam from Raw Material. They have been instrumental in providing guidance and assistance for getting this coffee home. 


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