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HEAVY HAMMER - Single Origin Espresso



Product Details

- Sweet cherry aroma, Apple acidity, apricot jam mouthfeel and a caramel and honey body -


This seasons espresso comes from the Karehe washing station in the Kayana region of Burundi. We have been bursting to use this origin for Heavy Hammer since late last year, after cupping some amazing lots from our friends over at CUP32. This coffee has the most incredible, sweet aroma. It has a distinctive apple like acidity followed by a jammy apricot sweetness and finishes with a caramel and honey body. From hot to cold its amazingly complex. When this coffee cools it becomes very juicy and has a almost pineapple like finish to it.

FARM: Karehe Washing Station

ALTITUDE: 1580 masl



VARIETY: Bourbon


- All our coffee is packed in 200g, 500g or 1kg foil lined, valve bags.

- We roast our coffee on a Monday and Wednesday

- If you would like to ask any questions, drop us an email:  info@crafthousecoffee.co.uk


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