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Honduras - Finca Fiallos



Product Details

- Blueberry, plums and raisins with a creamy body and sweet brown sugar aftertaste -


The owner of Fiallos, Don Pedro Joel Fiallos, has long been a hard worker who puts his all into every endeavour. He started life as a carpenter but knew that his destiny lay with the land. He saved and saved throughout his youth, and when he finally had enough money, he purchased his first property – a tiny 1 manzana (less than a hectare) plot of land where he began growing rice with technical assistance from a local agricultural project. He didn’t want to stop there, however. He eventually \chanced upon coffee production, which is where he finally found his passion.


FARM: Finca Fiallos

ALTITUDE: 1250masl

LOCATION: Monte de la Virgen, Lempira


VARIETY: Caturra, Catuai

OWNERS: Pedro Joel Fiallos

- All our coffee is packed in 200g, 500g or 1kg foil lined, valve bags.

- We roast our coffee on a Monday and Wednesday

- If you would like to ask any questions, drop us an email:  info@crafthousecoffee.co.uk

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