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INDUSTRIAL - Espresso Blend



Product Details

- Rich chocolate and hazelnut body with a sweet, fruity mouthfeel finished with a toffee aftertaste -


Our Industrial blend was created to deliver a smooth reliable coffee. With its strong chocolatey hazelnut body and suitable fruit notes this coffee has a well balanced mix of richness and sweetness. As seasonal crops come and go the recipe will take different turns however you can always depend on this coffee delivering the same quality throughout the year.


Ideal for Espresso based drinks and Aeropress.




Brazil Fazenda Pântano

ALTITUDE: 1150masl

LOCATION: The Cerrado, Minas Gerais

PREPARATION: Pulped Natural

VARIETY: Yellow Bourbon

OWNERS: The Ferrero Family

Colombia Timbio

ALTITUDE: 1850 masl

LOCATION: Andean highlands, Cauca


VARIETY: Caturra, Castillo

OWNER: Various



We would recommend the following:

Dose: 19 grams

Brew temperature: 201ºF/94ºC

Brew time: 27-30 sec

Brew weight: 35-38 grams

This recipe should be taken as a starting point, and not an absolute as different machines extract in different ways.


- All our coffee is packed in 200g or 1kg foil lined, valve bags.

- We roast our coffee on a Wednesday and Saturday

- If you would like to ask any questions, drop us an email:  info@crafthousecoffee.co.uk

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