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Myanmar - Maung



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- Blueberry, skittles and molasses -


“The Fruit Hidden behind the Leaf”

A meaning relating directly to the coffee farmer is the coffee fruit that is sometimes hidden by the leaves has time to develop and ripen on the tree, lending it to be a speciality coffee, a treasure. There was a time that the Pa-O had to smuggle their coffee out to buyers. The price was good but it was a risk. Then the price for coffee went down and the middlemen made all the money, so the farmers cut down their trees.

Behind the Leaf has turned back the leaf to show that the coffee remnant among the Pa-O hills is speciality grade and deserves a higher price. And finally another meaning of “The Fruit Hidden behind the Leaf” is directed at the Pa-O people themselves. Due to wars and conflicts, the Pa-O escaped to the mountains years ago. In recent years they collectively as an ethnic group sought development and education for their children. The majority of the 1 million Pa-O are agriculturalists.

The leaf has been turned back and now not only the other ethnic groups in Myanmar are taking notice of the Pa-O but people around the world see them as a beautiful, talented, hard-working people.


FARM: Multiple 
ALTITUDE: 1400-1500 masl

PREPARATION: Anaerobic Natural

VARIETY: Caturra, Catuai, SL28, SL34


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