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Nicaragua - Los Regalos



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- Green apple, plum jam, toffee -


Earlier this year we traveled to Nicaragua to source some amazing new Microlots from Matagalpa. With the help of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, we where able to see first hand the level of dedication and quality that these group of producers take in there work. There coffee is an absolute joy to roast and dident take long to unlock some amazingly tasty flavour characteristics!

Ronald and his wife Noelia produce yellow and red Catuai and a small amount of Ethiosar in Las Nubes, a community straddling the boundary between Jinotega and Matagalapa departments (states). The area is called Las Nubes - the clouds - because it is actually located in a cloud forest. Low lying clouds keep Ronald and Noelia's coffee cool, slowing the maturation process and allowing the beans to absorb more sugars.

Ronald and Noelia have eleven children: Efren Jonatan, Lesther David, Rolan Jose, Evert Joel, Mario Francisco, Jesús Manuel, Jorbin Antonio, Noelia Guadalupe, Leonel Vladimir, Oiman Antonio, Reading Traveling and Eyner Omar. They also have a cow, pigs, rabbits, and raise chicks for meat to sell to the community. Ronald and Noelia work extremely hard to support their farm and family, rising wellbefore dawn and laying down to rest long after the sun has set. Given the amount of care that they put into their coffee, it is no surprise that their microlot is of excellent quality. You can observe this in the coffee plants' healthy deep green leaves fed by nitrogen-rich soil. 


FARM: Los Regalos

ALTITUDE: 1250masl



VARIETY: Red and Yellow Catuai


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