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Rwanda - Nyamyumba



Product Details

-  Apple, cherry, milk chocolate -


Nyamyumba central washing station (CWS) has placed in Cup of Excellence multiple times since its inception in 2006. Sorting is one key to their high quality. Their rigorous sorting process begins with farmers hand-picking only ripe cherry, continues through collection, pulping and washing, and extends even to the drying tables where employees inspect the drying parchment multiple times in order to remove defective beans. This excellent coffee would make a great single-origin pour-over selection. 


FARM: Nyamyumba

ALTITUDE: 1742 masl

PRODUCER: 1,141 growers working with Rwacof


VARIETY: 100% Bourbon


- All of our coffee is packed in 250g and 1kg fully recyclable boxes and bags.

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- We roast our coffee on a Monday and Wednesdays

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