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Single Origin Decaf Espresso



Product Details

- Light orange zest with a full caramel and hazelnut body -


Our single origin decaf is selected for its clear and full flavor. We have chosen this incredible coffee for its smooth caramel body and bright orange notes providing a thick yet punchy espresso.


A good decaf is hard to find. Often due to the nature of the decaffeination process flavors and body can be lacking if not lost all together. We believe that a good decaf should run along side their caffeinated partners and not lack any special qualities. We have never been so excited about a Decaf!


Fazenda Londrina is one of four farms owned by the Naimeg group, a family business which was headed up by the late founder Gerson Naimeg. Londrina is around 394 hectares in size with 200 hectares set aside for coffee and is located near the city of Patos de Minas, at an altitude of approximately 1160 MASL. The farm successfully grows varietals of Catuai, Icatu and Acaia on the local clay loam soils and harvesting is mechanical thanks to the flat lay of the land. This families farm has won awards in national espresso competitions in recognition of its good character in the cup, it was this reason that there approach to decaf caught our attention.


FARM: Fazenda Londrina




LOCATION: The Cerrado, Minas Gerais


PREPARATION: Natural then CO2 Decaf




OWNER: Naimeg Group


- All our coffee is packed in 200g or 1kg foil lined, valve bags.

- We roast our decaf on a Monday.

- Postal orders are sent out next day using Royal mail first class

- If you would like to ask any questions, drop us an email:  info@crafthousecoffee.co.uk

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