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Our Stories

  • Infrastructure

    Posted on October 20 2017

    From Farm to Cup  ...    When Craft House was created, the main aim was to find what makes amazing coffee. For us, the best way to find this out...

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  • A Ton Of Coffee

    Posted on September 10 2017

    . Exporting/ Importing   Buying a ton of coffee... Literally a ton of coffee, now, in the wide world of this industry its actually not that impressive, in fact its quite...

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  • In House Subscription

    Posted on July 27 2017

    . You can now subscribe to CHC! . This is the best way to receive freshly roasted, ethically sourced coffee when you need it. You can choose what kind of coffee...

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  • Out Of Office - Colombia

    Posted on May 28 2017

      COLOMBIA   "Direct Trade" - I had always been fascinated by what this actually means. You see a lot of roasters talk about it, advertise it, and kind of...

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