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From Farm to Cup



When Craft House was created, the main aim was to find what makes amazing coffee. For us, the best way to find this out is to understand the process from farm to cup. The inspiration behind this project is to understand and explore 2 crucial steps in sourcing:


1: Transparency and fair trade.

Where does the coffee come from and who gets the best deal? The phrase "Direct Trade" is thrown around a lot in the industry. Often in the speciality coffee industry, it means that the coffee bean has been purchased through a "direct trade" model. This can, however, sometimes mean coffee is traded through as many as 6 (or more) hands before it reaches our customers, for example; farmer/ producer - community buyer - COOP - exporter - importer - roaster. This is far more transparent than most "conventional coffee", but can still mean the farmer receives a low price for their crop. Our first aim is to make sure our coffee producers receive a good price for their coffee - purchased correctly, from us, to them - thus building a strong relationship with producers and helping to provide the infrastructure needed for amazing coffee.


2: Understanding experimentation and help to build better coffee.

Some of the best coffee I've had are experimental lots, pushing the producer outside their comfort zone to make something incredible. There is nothing better then receiving samples of a coffee that has a new layer of complexity, sweetness and overall amazing-ness just because its been produced differently. Exploring processing and developing an understanding of what it means to the end cup is very important - and something we very much want to encourage.


If a packet of coffee is marked with Infrastructure, this means the coffee is bought though a direct relationship with this coffee producer.


We hope you enjoy drinking this coffee as much as we enjoy sourcing it for you!


- Tom Osborne

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