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It all began with an obsession to make the perfect brew. After many years and many more cups of coffee the obsession went far beyond the brewing method. We wanted to know: where did this coffee come from? What Happens during the roasting process? What gives the coffee its characteristics? Its important to think, not just how, but what actually makes the perfect coffee. What combination of elements, hard work and time has given you this product? This obsession is what set us on the mission to better understand the coffee industry, Thus Craft House Coffee was born.
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Roasting is one of the most important aspects of making amazing coffee. Once the beans leave the hands of the farmers and make the long journey to the UK, it must be delicately and precisely roasted to perfection. Gone are the days of over roasting and inconsistent batches. Although each and every coffee batch is tested with microscopic precision, you can rest assured that using the power of technology the level on quality and consistency stays the same.
Our roasting style is light yet well developed. Under roasted or underdeveloped coffee can taste grassy, weak and generally terrible. It damages grinder burrs and is very tough for you to properly extract. Our espresso roasted coffee's verge ever so gently into the medium range to help preserve the underlining characteristics of the origin but help it break through milk based drinks. We are always looking to explore the potential of our beans through profiling, Its all part of the fun!

- What We Do -

Coffee is such an incredible product. The process of growing to drinking takes a huge amount of effort from so many parties and we are there for every single stage of it. We work with amazing origin partners who help us secure the best specialty coffee from farms all around the world. All the coffee we purchase has been ethically traded with full traceability to the farms origin. This is hugely important as it gives us assurance the farmers are well paid for the product they produce. Happy farmers, happy coffee. Once sourced we work on exploring its potential through developing its roast profile. The end result is such that we can showcase the product through our wholesale partners or loyal customers. We are very proud of this!
One of our main goals are to make sure costumers are never left in the dark. Its all about loving our product but understanding the culture too - no compromise for absolute quality. Anyone who buys our product will understand our passion to create the best possible coffee experience.
We would love for you to come down and see our micro roastery, its less of a tour, more of a stand around drinking coffee... If that sounds good to you - Get in touch
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