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Shutting Down Your Espresso Machine

Shutting down your espresso machine should be done with care. Below we have listed our shut down procedure, helping to prolong the life of your machine whilst not in use.
  • Backflush all group heads with cleaning powder. Repeat again with just the blank cleaning plate and rinse thoroughly until water runs clean and doesn't feel soapy.⁠
  • Remove shower screens, soak in a cleaning powder solution to clean thoroughly and rinse off any soapy residue.
  • Flush machines hot water tap with at least 2 litres of water. Purge steam wands after this and wipe down both components.
  • Close the machines mains water supply at its nearest isolation point.⁠
  • Turn off the machine and if you have access, flip the kill switch.⁠ During this time off, sediment should not form at low temperatures.⁠ Do not attempt to empty the boiler.
  • Leave steam valves open to depressurise the machine, leave the valves fully open until turned back on.

Turning you machine back on:

  • Purge your water filter of around 10ltrs of water.
  • Turn your machine to marker "1" until your machine has stopped its filling cycle. After this, turn it to marker "2" to begin heating.
  • leave the steam valves open until steam starts to disperse from the wands. and wait for the machine to reach temperature and pressure.
  • Backflush the machine with the blank cleaning plate.
  • Your good to go!
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