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Colombia - El Muro



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- Berries, candy, treacle -



One of our most popular coffees of this year is back in and tasting incredible! This is the second crop in a row we've purchased from Melky Chávez, direct via our infrastructure project. We are so happy to continue supporting this amazing producer and his family.

The farm was inherited a part by his grandparents and another part bought by Mr. José chaves from a neighbour. Melky is a passionate coffee farmer and dedicated to agriculture, working in the field since he was very young since the school opportunities at the time were few and very restricted. The farm has unique  climatic conditions; Its location allows the Chavez family to enjoy the presence of solar rays throughout the day, the location at the foot of the mountain provides the farm with water and organic material, which in turn, generates the conditions conducive to the creation of a micro climate Special for coffee cultivation.


FARM: El Muro

ALTITUDE: 2100masl

PRODUCER: The Chávez Family


VARIETY: Caturra


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