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Colombia - El Muro



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- Cherry, raisin, sugar cane -



This is the first harvest of they year sourced though our infrastructure buying project. We are extremely proud to be working directly with a small range of producers from Narino who take pride in quality and experimentation. You can find more about it here:




The farm was inherited a part by his grandparents and another part bought by Mr. José Chaves from a neighbor, he is a passionate farmer and dedicated to agriculture, working in the field from a very young age since the school opportunities at the time were fewand very restricted.  The farm is located at 2100 m.s., in the path of botanilla belonging to the municipality of Cartago, Nariño.  The farm has special climatic conditions;  its location allows it to enjoy the presence of solar rays throughout the day, the location at the foot of the mountain provides the farm with water and organic material, which in turn, generates favorable conditions for the creation of a micro climate  special for the cultivation of coffee.


The farm is located 12 km from the head of its municipality at a height of 2100 m.a.s.l.  The farm has a small reserve area inhabited by a variety of native birds of the region, such as;  Sparrows, matches, carpenters, blackbirds.  Also being close to a reserve area has a variety of wildlife, such as squirrels, foxes, armadillos.  The region has very favorable weather conditions for coffee production, has 7 months of rain that coincide with the harvest and flowering of the coffee tree, as well as with 5 months of summer (July, August, September, February and March).  The good incidence of solar rays contributes to a good development of the planet from the photosynthetic process;  obtaining a grain of excellent quality.  In the farm, besides coffee, there are other associated crops for self-consumption of the family, such as;  banana, lemon, avocado, yucca.

As owner, Mr. José Chávez is in charge of all the management practices of the crop and the benefit of the grain.  The farm handles cultural practices such as palería and weed management with scythe.  Fertilization is done twice a year according to the perception of the farmer with an amount of 150 gr / tree.  Production this year compared to previous years decreased but quality increased.  Climate change was largely responsible for the low production, and part of the crop was renewed.  Currently the farm has 10,000 trees in the production stage, in ages of 3 and 4 years, and 3,000 in renovation by zoca with 7 years of age.



The ripe cherry that reached the profit area was selected by appearance;  taking only the ripe cherries, then they were placed in 50 kg fique bags and left to ferment for 12 hours, then the depulping was carried out without using water in the process, the beans were fermented in a tank which was conditioned  so that oxygen and light do not enter, after 26 hours the beans were washed with water from the farm and dried for 18 days.


FARM: El Muro

ALTITUDE: 2100masl

PRODUCER Melky Chávez

PREPARATION: Washed - 26 hours fermentation

VARIETY: Caturra


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