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Pour Over Brew Guide

The pour-over method arguably the simplest and cleanest way to draw out a coffee’s best qualities. For those accustomed to coffee from a drip machine, this method will produce something similar but will bring out more tasty and interesting characteristics.

Step 1 - Water

You want your water to be just under boil, never burn your bean! Once your kettle has been brought up to temperature, give it a quick swirl to release some steam or leave it to cool for about 30 seconds. If you have a temperature controlled kettle your looking for about 90C.

Step 2 - Coffee

Weigh out around 16-20 grams of coffee (or two to three tablespoons of whole beans). If your making more then 1 cup then double the quantity - rule of thumb: around 60g of coffee per liter of water.

Step 3 - Grind

Time to grind your coffee. The coarseness should be close to that of sea salt.

Step 4 - Filter

Fold your filter and place it in a clean pour over dripper.

Now a very important step, gently saturate the filter with warm water. This helps the water drain through later on as well as take away the paper taste.

Step 6 - Ground Coffee

After you done smelling your freshly ground coffee (don't worry, we all do it) Pour it into the filter and give it a gentle shake. This will flatten the bed, allowing for a more even pour.

Step 7 - Bloom The Coffee

Starting in the center, gently douse your coffee grounds with just enough water to cover it - do not fill it up just yet! You’ll notice that adding this amount of water causes the coffee to expand, or "bloom." Allow it to do so for between 30 and 45 seconds.

Step 8 - Fill Up Your Cup!

Continue pouring in a circular motion. You should pour at such a rate that the complete brew process takes about two and a half to three minutes. All in, your coffee should end with a weight of roughly 280 grams

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